Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Zionists Spread Anti-Semitism to Palestine

Last year I wrote an entry on Israel's racist (i.e. white supremacist) ideology regarding the definition of a Jewish person. I told the story of the Jin family who could prove that their family had been Jews for centuries and yet the Israeli Government still refuses to recognize them as Jews even after they underwent an Orthodox conversion in Israel. Moreover they are the only members of China's ancient Jewish community who have been allowed to immigrate to Israel (others have tried). I used the example to illustrate how the Zionists use a racist definition of a Jewish person to turn Palestine into a "White Man's Land".

Apparently, in a strange twist of fate that is giving me an evil kind of pleasure, the policy has backfired! Israeli citizens – even IDF soldiers – have been carrying out vicious anti-semitic attacks inside Israel! As I explained in my entry last year – White people (unlike people of color like the Jin family) need only produce a single Jewish parent or grandparent in order to fulfill the official definition of a "Jewish person" and thereby automatically become Israeli citizens. This policy has resulted in the immigration of over one million Russians to Israel since the 1990s. Unfortunately recent survey data reveal that at least 300,000 of these people do not even consider themselves to be Jewish! It's not surprising then that those responsible for all of these attacks have been "Russian Jews". In fact, according to the Dmir Centre which has been monitoring these attacks, there are now dozens of neo-Nazis in every city in Israel. Not surprisingly -- since the Zionist state's raison d'etre is to save Jews from anti-semitism -- the Israeli government is keeping this story under wraps. The authorities do not even record the attacks as instances of anti-semitism at all even though the attackers use anti-semitic epithets as they beat their victims and have swastikas tatooed on their arms. Thus, in its attempt to create a "White Man's Land" in the Middle East, the Zionist enterprise has actually spread old-fashioned European anti-semitism to Palestine!

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