Monday, September 25, 2006

"US Lets Liquids Bought Beyond Checkpoints on Planes"

Either the U.S. government is comprised of a bunch of absolute morons or there is no terrorist threat. These are the only two explanations for why the government would release things like this to the news media. This is essentially telling any would be "terrorists" that if they want to take liquid explosives onto airplanes -- now's the time to do it. It's the same with the Department of Homeland Security threat levels. Why would you want to announce to the world the level of security at airports and so forth if you were actually trying to prevent a terrorist attack? Now I am not among those who believe that U.S. government officials are a bunch of imbeciles. I think a lot of liberals find solace in the notion that they are smarter than the people who run this country and that is probably a big reason for their opposition to the government. In other words they think they could do a better job of running things and the only reason they are powerless losers is because they "chose" to be so -- not because they actually don't have the ability to be in power. I think that government officials are actually very good at what they do and frighteningly effective. So I think that there is in fact no terrorist threat outside the one posed by the U.S. itself in the form of its military arsenal and that all of this code orange and no liquids on airplanes bullshit are purely and simply scare tactics to create a level of mass paranoia sufficient enough to sustain and endless series of wars, a steady flow of terrorist acts, against the peoples of Asia.

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